Hints & Tips

Please visit this page often as it will be updated regularly. A simple tip can be so valuable. This is an attempt to share our years of experience. The simplest of tricks will be the ones that you'll use most often. They are also the ones that will change you from an ordinary CAD user to a POWER user.

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  1. Shift+Left mouse button un-selects an entity
  2. Invoke the R sub-command when in the process of selecting objects to begin removing objects from the selection. Invoke A to allow you to add objects again.
  3. Switching HIGHLIGHT to 0 will speed things up when selecting lots of entities
  4. Ctrl+D turns Coordinates on/off, Ctrl+B turns the snap on/off, Ctrl+G turns the background grid on/off
  5. To turn all layers off except for those starting with the letters "LOT", use the following procedure: LAYER OFF ~LOT*
  6. ARRAY will copy entities in rows & columns (rectangular) or around a circle (polar)
  7. If you need to inquire on the layer structure of a block you can EXPLODE it, list it and UNDO (U) until you get back to where you were
  8. If you require to perhaps experiment with an idea or a design but you want to still get back to where you started from then type the command UNDO in full before you start experimenting and assign the sub-command M for MARK to mark where you are starting from. When finished you can UNDO BACK (B) to the spot you marked earlier if you so wish.
  9. How do you erase the entity that is sitting directly under another one?
    Method 1 (AutoCAD Only)
    Whilst pressing the Ctrl key continue to select objects until the one you want to erase displays highlighted.
    Method 2 (AutoCAD and IntelliCAD)
    You must ERASE the one on top first. This will give you access to the one underneath. Then MOVE the one that was underneath to one side. Now it's time to invoke the command OOPS. This will bring back the one that you erased first. Now all you need to do is ERASE the entity you wanted to erase initially and the process is complete.
  10. What do you do when objects will not display the color of the layer they are drawn in? Well you can type CHANGE ALL then P for Properties choose the Color option and type BYLayer.
  11. How do you Trim or Extend without selecting edges to trim or extend to? After invoking the TRIM or EXTEND command simply press ENTER one more time. Now you are ready to start Trimming or Extending lines. The lines will be trimmed or extended to the nearest object automatically.