Free LISP Files

This is a collection of mostly our own routines but some are classic routines that have been around for a very long time and the author is unknown (where the author is known their name will be credited with the file). (1KB) Break a line at an intersection (1KB) Break a line by prompting for the first point (1KB) Set Layer by selecting an object (1KB) Freeze Layer by selecting an object (2KB) Change objects from one layer to another by selecting (1KB) Turn layer OFF by selecting an object (1KB) Turns the last 3 layers that have been turned off using OF.lsp back ON (1KB) Erase one object with no further questions asked (1KB) Move one object with no further questions asked (1KB) Toggles BLIPmode on/off (1KB) REDefines an alias in the current AutoCAD drawing session without leaving the AutoCAD environment. However unlike LSPMAKER.lsp your redefinition will be lost once you exit that drawing. (1KB) Rotates an object 180 degrees (1KB) Rotates an object 90 degrees
bath.lsp (1KB) Draws a BATH at any length & width with a very basic 3D shape. (2KB) Explodes mirrored blocks