A Modular & Flexible CAD Training System

SelectTrain courses are designed to be modular and come with step by step instructions and other related files to help you complete each module.

This means that you do not need to have done the previous module if you already know that set of commands. You simply buy the modules you need to learn.

The modules are also packed with tips and tricks that would normally take years to learn and are all designed to be finished within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

These modules are available in two ways: one is called 'Distance' and the other 'On Site'.


After your payment is received, your module along with all relevant instructions and drawings (if required by module) will be sent to you either via e-mail or disk (whichever requested).

Note that there will be an additional handling and dispatch fee for the disk version. Every 'Distance' module comes with 15 minutes telephone or e-mail support.

On Site

'On Site' modules come with 1 hour on site tuition. Great value for money as you will get more opportunity to ask questions. This service can be carried out either in your office or ours.

Lift your efficiency to the next level

Take your experience to the next level. If you feel you are pretty good with your AutoCAD knowledge but still lack something, TipTrain is your answer.

Learn how you can use certain commands better and pick up shortcuts that will help you in your day to day tasks. Lift your efficiency to a new level.

On Site

It's simple. For up to one hour we will come to you and will go through six (6) TipTrain documents of your choice.


Same as On Site* above but all done via telephone. Remote pricing same as On Site. *No call out fee would be applicable.


We will supply you with six (6) TipTrain documents of your choice. With this option you will also get included in the price 15 minutes phone or e-mail support.

Contact us to arrange your tips.

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