Suggested Study Paths and Course Outline

Beginner Course
Module 1- 4 (Course Code: P0104) (Order Now!)

Basic object creation and manipulation commands and techniques along with introduction to 3D and basic customisation using Blocks.

Intermediate Course
Module 5 - 8 (Course Code: P0508) (Order Now!)

Intermediate object creation and manipulation commands and techniques. Moving into more 3D. Intermediate customisation using Wblocks.

Advanced Course
Module 9 - 12 (Course Code: P0912) (Order Now!)

Advanced 3D, object creation and manipulation commands and techniques. Basic programming using SCRIPT language.

Customisation A Course
Module 13 - 16 (Course Code: P1316) (Order Now!)

Advanced customisation using; Attributes, importing information from other programs.

Customisation B Course
Module 17 - 20 (Course Code: 1720) (Order Now!)

Sheet setup in paper space and printing. More advanced customisation (adding a plotter, linetypes and setting up dimension styles).

Miscellaneous A Course
Module 21 - 24 (Course Code: 2124) (Order Now!)

Using external references, creating template files, setting up a perspective view and basic programming in LISP.

Miscellaneous B Course
Module 25 - 28 (Course Code: P2528) (Order Now!)

AutoCAD 3D objects such 3D surfaces, inserting images, Alias and Menu programming languages.

Miscellaneous C Course
Module 29 - 32 (Course Code: P2932) (Order Now!)

3D solids (including 2D Regions) and setting up elevations around a plan using the UCS command.

Miscellaneous D Course
Module 33 - 36 (Course Code: P3336) (Coming Soon)

Advanced block creation techniques, Rendering and Miscellaneous commands D.

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