Modules Available 1-10

Module 1
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Line; Pedit > Join; Offset; Layer; Change; Chprop; Layer toolbar; Properties; Trim; Rectangle; Copy; Circle > Radius; Cycle on Selection method; Erase; Pedit > Width; Ctrl+Tab; Windows Key+E; Quick Trim.

17 Steps.

Module 2
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Polygon; Move; Circle > 2P; Extend with Grips; Arc; Group; Array > Polar; Ctrl+D; Ctrl+B; Ctrl+G

14 Steps.

Module 3
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Ellipse; Rotate > Reference, use of @ sign; UCS > Entity; Snapang; From; Removing and Adding objects to a selection set; command line -Layer to create new layers and to turn off using wildcards.

19 Steps.

Module 4
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Rotate by angle; Block; Point Filters; Divide > Points; Divide > Block; Break > First by INTersection and using @ sign; Polar Tracking; Spline; Change > Properties > Elev; Point Size; Point Mode; Ddptype; Move > @x,y,z method; Draworder > Above.

18 Steps.

Module 5
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Toolbars; Hyperlink > To a location in same drawing, a file, an image or Internet address; Hatch; Quick Group; Quick Ungroup; View making and restoring.

15 Steps.

Module 6
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Setting permanent Object Snaps; Copy Multiple; Tracking (similar to full AutoCAD Temporary Tracking); View > 3D Views > SW isometric Properties... (modeless dialog box); Plan > World; Apparent Intersection Object Snap.

16 Steps.

Module 7
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Learn how to create a WBLOCK; the difference between FREEZING and turning OFF layers and the power of the UNDO command.

21 Steps.

Module 8
(Course Code: M08) (Order Now!)

Some of our model will be converted into a basic 3D model in this module.

3D Isometric views; Layer locking and unlocking; Select > All, Window Polygon, Ctrl+A, Previous, Last; Chprop > Thickness; Move/Copy > absolute coordinates; Hyperlink > Edit Hyperlink > Remove link; Properties > Thickness; Explode; Xplode > Global Inherit; Hide; Shade; Shademode.

16 Steps.

Module 9
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We will do some more 3D in this module. We will add the missing wall section below the window and above both the window and door.

Elev; Thickness; Stretch; Transparent Layer command; Selection Remove; Offset > by pointing; Fillet > right angle, curve, polyline; Fence sub-command.

30 Steps.

Module 10
(Course Code: M10) (Order Now!)

In this module we are going to learn about the Mirror; Chamfer; Donut; Measure; Extend; Copy > Multiple commands.

22 Steps.